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Pennants "Gonets" sent to the ISS

Pennants "Gonets" sent to the ISS
Pennants "Gonets" sent to the ISS
«Luch» system

The cosmonauts of the 64th long-term expedition to the International Space Station took a memorable picture - a "Gonets" pennant against the background of the ISS windows, behind which the open space is flooded with sunlight.

The dispatch of five Gonets pennants to the ISS as part of the cargo for the ISS-64 expedition is timed to coincide with the ongoing preparations for the commissioning of a broadband communication channel on the Russian segment of the ISS. The channel is facilitated by means of the Luch Multifunctional Space Relay System (MSRS), which is operated by JSC "Satellite System "Gonets" (part of the Roscosmos State Corporation). The new space communication line is being tested, and it is planned to put it into regular operation in the near future. This will make it possible to stop the use of channels of the American TDRS relay system for broadband data transmission on the Russian segment of the ISS.