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Remote Regions

Remote Regions
Remote Regions
Remote Regions

Satellite communication is traditionally in demand in regions with a vast territory, where in many areas terrestrial networks are inaccessible. JSC «Gonets Satellite System» offers solutions based on satellite system «Gonets». Satellite channels accessible at any point, allowing users to be in touch at any distance from large settlements. There is a positive experience of using the systems in the Arctic region, Yakutia, the Krasnoyarsk region, the Murmansk region, and other regions with vast territories.

For users' benefits, on base of «Gonets» system are provided:
  • Monitoring of transport and heavy equipment, including the option of personal communication (messaging) with the driver;
  • Communication with remote and nomadic settlements, groups of tourists, geologists, workers of various services;
  • Circular notification of large areas (for example, in the face of spring floods);
  • Regular monitoring of various industrial and environmental assets
  • Communication and transmission of telematic information from ships, incl. any one along the Northern Sea Route.
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