Sole operator of ROSCOSMOS State Space Corporation for communication and relaying satellite systems

MSPSC «Gonets-D1M»

MSPSC «Gonets-D1M»
MSPSC «Gonets-D1M»

Multifunctional system for personal satellite communications (MSPSC) «Gonets-D1M» was developed by order of State Space Corporation ROSCOSMOS.

In December 2015 the system was put into operation. The operator and the communication complex developer is Gonets Satellite System, PC.

The main purpose of MSPSC «Gonets-D1M» is the transmission of data and the provision of mobile satellite communications to subscribers on a global scale with the use of a group of low-orbit communication satellites.

The MSPSC «Gonets-D1M» orbit group consists of 12 low-orbit communication satellites «Gonets-M»

Orbit type
Circular, near-polar
Orbit inclination
Orbit altitude
Up to 1,500 km
Number of orbit planes
Number of satellites in a plane
100% of the Earth’s surface
280 kg
Orbit life
5 years
Draconic period
114 min
up to 5000 km
Power system capacity
200 W
«Rockot» with «Breeze-КМ» upper stage

All MSPSC «Gonets-D1M» ground segment assets are located in the territory of Russia.

System Control Center
Communication Control Center
Central gateways
Regional gateways
Flight Control Center
Ballistic Center
Regional gateways
Regional gateways
MSPSC «Gonets-D1M» ground segment sites:
  • System Control Center (Moscow);
  • Communication Control Center (Moscow);
  • Central (Moscow) and Regional gateways (Zheleznogorsk, Yuzhno-Sahalinsk, Tiksi);
  • Flight Control Center (Zheleznogorsk);
  • Ballistic Center (Zheleznogorsk).

The diameter of each gateway radiovisibility zone is about 4,500 km, which ensures 100% coverage of Russia's territory including its water exclusive economic area and much of Europe's and Asia's territories.

JSC «Academician M.F. Reshetnev “Information Satellite Systems»

Head contractor, head developer of the Gonets system space segment.

«Gonets Satellite System» public corporation

Operator, head developer of the communication complex

JSC «Research Institute of Precision Instruments»

Contractor for the communication complex

«Geonavigator» LLC

Developer of subscriber equipment