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Space Industry

Space Industry
Space Industry
Space Industry

The space industry is one of the priority areas in the development of the Russian economy, as was repeatedly stated by President V.V. Putin, Chairman of the Government D.A. Medvedev, other high-ranking officials in in their speeches.

An important component of Russia's space industry commmunication segment is the Multifunctional space relay system (MSRS) «Loutch» . Capabilities of global relaing provided on the basis of MSRS «Loutch» geostationary satellites are used for communication with various objects of rocket and space equipment at all stages of flight and mission operation. Thus, the uniqueness of the «Loutch» system is that it is a space system for the space industry.

Global relaying

The orbital composition of MSRS «Loutch» satellite group allows communications with space crafts of various purposes, including the International Space Station, Earth remote sensing satellites, various launch vehicles and boosters and upper stages. In addition, payloads of the GLONASS SDCM, the Cospas-Sarsat rescue system and the Rosgidromet data collection platforms are placed on the Loutch-5 satellite space platform, which makes MSRS «Loutch» a multifunctional space system operating for the benefits of various consumers.

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