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Heavy Equipment

Heavy Equipment
Heavy Equipment
Heavy Equipment

The «Gonets» system means allow monitoring of heavy equipment operating at any latitude and longitude. «Gonets» subscriber terminals with GLONASS/GPS navigation receivers track the position of heavy equipment, as well as its route for a period of time.

The use of «Gonets» satellite terminals is possible on various types of heavy equipment, such as
  • harvesters
  • mine trucks
  • road machinery
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Depending on the availability of terrestrial operators' networks, information is transferred from the asset via satellite (Gonets) or terrestrial (2/3G) channel to the Internet.

Besides tracking of the heavy equipment units, it is also possible to communicate with the driver (text messages), send alert messages by pushing the alert button or on an event, automatically collect data from the telematics equipment via the M2M channel (fuel level and consumption, engine hours, etc.), and circular messaging useful for alerting fleets of equipment, especially in remote areas.

The services are provided through the «Gonets» service platform. Also, the «Gonets» equipment can be intregrated into other monitoring platforms, in particular «Vialon» and «ST Matrix» or integrated into specialized industrial platforms.

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