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Satellite Messaging

Satellite Messaging
Satellite Messaging
Satellite + GSM

Sometimes being connected anywhere in the world is not just important but vital. A subscriber of the «Gonets-D1M" system can send and receive text messages of unlimited volume using the subscriber terminal «Gonets» regardless one's latitude and longtitude.

E-mail addresses, subscribers of mobile communication networks or «Gonets» satellite network subscribers can be your addressees.

The geography areas of the sender and receiver are unlimited.

A «Gonets» terminal connected to a personal computer or smartphone allows you to send text messages from anywhere in the world.

Option to send file attachments of small sizes.

The «Gonets» system supports standard X.400 and SMTP / IMAP mail protocols. Transmission can be carried out in personal and group modes.

From a subscriber in the footprint of the spacecraft, the message is transmitted to the nearest «Gonets» gateway, where it is routed in accordance with the type and location of the addressee.
An important feature is the option to use for messaging terrestrial operators' mobile networks. The «Gonets» terminal automatically selects a satellite or terrestrial mobile network, depending on availability at the current moment.

In one's work a subscriber uses software with standard web-interface compatible with stationary and mobile devices.

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