Sole operator of ROSCOSMOS State Space Corporation for communication and relaying satellite systems


Pavel Cherenkov
CEO of Joint-Stock Company «Satellite system «GONETS»

Joint-Stock Company «Satellite system «GONETS» is the operator of Russian satellite communication and relaying systems made by order of State Space Corporation ROSCOSMOS.

The Company's mission is to provide high-quality mobile satellite communication and relaying services to the entire territory of the Russian Federation and abroad. Another important task is to participate in the development of advanced space communication and relaying systems in cooperation with other companies of the Russian space industry.

«Gonets» - Global mobile satellite communications

In the MSS segment the Company is the operator of mobile satellite communications system «Gonets», comprising the constellation and terrestrial infrastructure, located on the territory of Russia. The MSS segment is a promising and rapidly growing - over the period 2012-15 years an average market growth is 9% in cash.

The «Gonets» system services are demanded on mobile assets, used in areas where GSM coverage is incomplete or absent. The priority segments are transport, especially long-distance and international, equipment working in remote and hard to reach areas (dump trucks, forestry equipment), marine and river vessels of various purposes, rail and container transport, hydrological equipment, etc. Another important segment is the infrastructural facilities of oil and gas and energy industries.

The use of «Gonets» system contributes to the effectiveness of the GLONASS operation, allowing the transfer of the coordinate data from the mobile assets to the remote monitoring and communication centers, regardless of the location of the subscriber.

«Loutch» - Global satellite relaying

In the segment of space relaying «Gonets Satellite Company» PC is the operator of the Multifunctional space relaying system «Loutch». The system orbital constellation consists of geostationary satellites, and its ground-based infrastructure is located in Russia. The main task of the system is relaying information on the entire trajectory of the flight of launch vehicles upper stages and various purpose spacecrafts, including the International Space Station.

The «Loutch» system also provides its relaying channels for the transmission of remote sensing data, meteorological information, the COSPAS-SARSAT data, GLONASS differential correction data, facilitating video conferencing and Internet access via mobile stations.