Sole operator of ROSCOSMOS State Space Corporation for communication and relaying satellite systems

"Gonets" presented the results of operator activity at the International Navigation Forum

"Gonets" presented the results of operator activity at the International Navigation Forum
"Gonets" presented the results of operator activity at the International Navigation Forum

The head of the commercial department Alexey Panasov, Chairman of the Gonets Satellite System JSC (part of the Roscosmos State Corporation), presented the results of the company's operator activities on communication and relay systems at the XVII International Navigation Forum, which was held on April 23 in Moscow.

In his report, Alexey Panasov noted that JSC Gonets Satellite System continues to fully carry out operator activities on the Gonets mobile satellite communication system and the Luch multifunctional space relay system. The volume of use of the Gonets system is increasing in a number of consumer segments, including the fishing fleet, logging equipment, and various infrastructure facilities. Alexey Panasov placed special emphasis on the ongoing process of import substitution of services from foreign satellite operators. In particular, more than 50% of fishing vessels have already switched to the monitoring services of the Gonets system. Since December 2023, the transmission of electronic fishing log data from fishing vessels to Rosrybolovstvo monitoring centers has also begun through the Gonets system. In the logging equipment segment, the use of the Gonets-PAK Cedar software and hardware complex made it possible to completely replace the services of the American operator Globalstar, which left the Russian market in 2022.

Regarding the operation of the MKSR "Luch", Alexey Panasov noted that the system fully fulfills its objectives. Several broadband sessions with the Russian segment of the ISS are provided daily, command and telemetry information is transmitted during launches of domestic rocket and space technology facilities. In addition, Luch relays distress signals as part of the COSPAS-SARSAT international rescue system, information from 720 unattended Roshydromet platforms and remote sensing data received at remote reception points.

Alexey Panasov also highlighted the progress of the work of JSC Gonets Satellite System in the framework of the implementation of the federal project Sphere. In particular, the company is developing principles for combining ground infrastructure and subscriber devices of satellite communication systems, working on the concept of providing satellite communication services to consumers, and other aspects of operator activity.