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Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas
Oil & Gas
Oil & Gas

«Gonets» satellite system is used in the oil and gas industry, where it copes with various tasks. Dual-mode terminals «Gonets» (satellite + GSM) allow monitoring of heavy equipment anywhere in the world, communication with working teams and independent monitoring of industrial facilities of the industry.

For the oil and gas industry companies, the «Gonets» system facilitates:
  • Control of booster pump stations of gas distribution pipelines;
  • Control of booster pump stations of oil pipelines, deliver of sensor data (consumption, pressure, temperature, pressure jumps in filters, temperature of the ground грунта, corrosion rate etc.);
  • Monitoring of geological and technical research stations. Collection of information in the dispatch centers of service companies;
  • Monitoring of borehole clusters;
  • Monitoring of pipelines positions (subsidence/bulging out);
  • Monitoring the positioning and movement of employees working in the field (patrol operators on pipelines etc.);
  • Messaging with remote staff, alert messaging;
  • Monitoring of petroleum products transportation;
  • Monitoring of heavy equipment operation.
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Satellite + GSM

The telematic information from remote sites with installed «Gonets» terminals is transferred to the «Gonets» service platform, accessible for users via a standard web-interface. If necessary, it is possible to configure the sending of data directoy to the client's servers. If a subscriber is in the coverage areas of terrestrial networks, the terminal automatically uses the "GSM" communication channel, while outside the coverage areas, the satellite channel «Gonets» is used. The presence of two communication channels in the terminal significantly increases the overall reliability of communication and allows the user to save on communication services.

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