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"Gonets" will transmit information about level of liquid

"Gonets" will transmit information about level of liquid
"Gonets" will transmit information about level of liquid
«Gonets» system

Gonets satellite system terminal has been successfully integrated with a multifunctional liquid level meter. The work was carried out by specialists of JSC TSNPO "Cascade" together with JSC "Satellite System "Gonets" (part of the State Corporation "Roscosmos"). The "Gonets" terminal, docked with the liquid level meter by means of a controller, successfully transmitted a series of readings on the liquid level in the test bench tank via a satellite channel. The results and their changes were displayed in an app that allows you to track fluid levels.

The long-term development can become an important basis for creating solutions for monitoring the level of liquids in tanks for various purposes. This can be a container for storing petroleum products, a tank with a chemical reagent, and a device for monitoring the water level at the dam.

An important advantage of the created solution is the ability to transmit data from any point on the map of Russia, which is provided by the ubiquity of covering the territory of the country with the services of the "Gonets" system. Using it to monitor the level of liquids in various industries will help reduce operational costs, losses (including from theft) and prevent environmental disasters, for example, when performing operational monitoring of remote oil storage facilities.