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"Gonets" system is integrated with corrosion monitoring equipment

"Gonets" system is integrated with corrosion monitoring equipment
"Gonets" system is integrated with corrosion monitoring equipment

JSC "Gonets Satellite System" (part of the State Corporation "Roscosmos") integrated Gonets satellite terminals into a solution for measuring corrosion indicators on pipelines and other steel structures. The PKM-TST-KontKorr ® subsystem (manufactured by Pipeline Systems and Technologies JSC) measures the rates of external and internal corrosion, erosion and electrical parameters of objects in real time. The measurement data is sent to the monitoring center for processing via the Gonets satellite channels.

The presence of Gonets equipment in the system allows remote data collection from corrosion monitoring facilities in any areas, including the most remote ones with insufficient or completely absent coverage by ground-based communication systems. This is due to the orbital construction of the Gonets system, which provides 100% coverage of the Globe with communication services and session data transmission.

According to the Ministry of Energy, 90% of accidents related to oil spills from pipeline gusts occur due to pipe corrosion. The total length of the linear part of the main oil and petroleum product pipelines of Russia is more than 78 thousand km, gas pipelines - 172.6 thousand km, a significant part of them has been in operation for more than 30 years. Prompt monitoring and data transmission via Gonets channels to the general corrosion monitoring system can dramatically reduce the risks of unpredictable damage from pipeline accidents.

Pavel Cherenkov, General Director of JSC "Gonets Satellite System":

"The enterprises of the Roscosmos State Corporation actively participate in the socio-economic life of the country, introducing space technologies in various fields of activity. The Gonets Company, the operator of the low-orbit satellite communication system of the same name, has experience in developing, implementing and operating new digital solutions based on satellite services."

In addition to regular monitoring and emergency reaction in case of critical indicators, the use of the Gonets satellite system significantly reduces the current operating costs of companies operating pipelines. This is achieved through autonomous data collection with their transmission via satellite channel, which reduces the need for site teams to visit facilities for inspection and measurements. At the same time, regular receipt of data arrays from the entire length of the pipeline allows optimizing its maintenance schedule in accordance with the received indications and making more accurate forecast characteristics.