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Successful launch of three satellites "Gonets-M"

Successful launch of three satellites "Gonets-M"
Successful launch of three satellites "Gonets-M"

On December 03 at 04-14 Moscow time, from the Plesetsk cosmodrome there was performed a successful launch of 3 low-orbit spacecraft "Gonets-M", carried out on a Soyuz-2.1b carrier rocket with a Fregat upper stage. The satellites have joined the orbital constellation of the Gonets-D1M Multifunctional Personal Satellite Communication System (MPSCS).

Pavel Cherenkov, General Director of Gonets Satellite System JSC, on the launch:

“I congratulate all the colleagues and partners on the successful launch of the 3 "Gonets-M" spacecrafts. According to the information received, their separation from the upper stage took place normally, and they were taken over by our duty shifts.  After the necessary flight operations are completed, they will be put into the communication system. The replenishment of the orbital group created an important resource for the viability of the system and created some redundancy opportunities. For us, as an operator of the "Gonets" system, this is extremely important, since we can confidently guarantee our users the highest level of service. This year, we have also put into operation 4 new regional stations, which radically enhanced the operation of the ground segment. Therefore, the "Gonets" system is all-ready to provide services for various segments with possible scalability both in terms of the range of services and the number of subscribers. "

This is a second launch this year. The three satellites "Gonets-M", launched into orbit on September 28, were successfully put into the communication system by the specialists of JSC "Satellite system" Gonets ", and are now used for their intended purpose. The launches were carried out within the framework of the Federal Space Program of Russia for 2016-2025, which provides for the maintenance of the MSPCS  "Gonets-D1M" orbital group in operational readiness and in the regular composition. 

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