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Three "Gonets" went into orbit

Three "Gonets" went into orbit
Three "Gonets" went into orbit
«Gonets» system

On September 28 at 14-20 Moscow time from the Plesetsk cosmodrome, 3 low-orbit spacecraft "Gonets-M" were successfully launched into orbit, which replenished the grouping of the Multifunctional Personal Satellite Communication System (MSPCS) "Gonets-D1M". Its distinctive feature was that it was first performed on the Soyuz-2.1 carrier rocket of stage 1b with a Fregat upper stage.

Pavel Cherenkov, General Director of JSC "Satellite System "Gonets", on the launch:  “First of all, I congratulate all the colleagues on the successful launch of 3 Gonets-M spacecrafts. The satellites, which are manufactured in JSC "ISS", were normally separated from the upper stage and taken over by our duty shifts. After the established flight operations are completed, they will be put into the communication system.

Replenishment of the constellation is always an increase in the total throughput of the space segment and, at the same time, the efficiency of information delivery. Together with putting into operation of 4 new regional stations, which we also plan to complete this year, we expect to have MSPCS "Gonets-D1M" with significantly improved characteristics. I am sure that this will add attractiveness to the services of the system and increase the demand for it. The system is ready not only to continue to provide stable services to existing customers in various segments, but also to significantly expand the total number of subscribers ”.

The satellites were launched within the framework of the Federal Space Program of Russia for 2016-2025, which provides for the maintenance of the Gonets-D1M MSPCS orbital group in operational readiness and in the regular composition.

MSPCS "Gonets-D1M" includes a standard orbital constellation of 12 low-orbit spacecraft of the "Gonets-M" series and ground infrastructure located on the territory of Russia. The main segments of the provision of services are stationary and mobile objects in territories with incomplete or absent coverage of terrestrial communication networks. Services are provided in any type of terrain, including mountainous and wooded, and in all weather conditions. More about services and subscriber equipment on the website

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