Sole operator of ROSCOSMOS State Space Corporation for communication and relaying satellite systems

Gonets terminals will be manufactured of domestic components

Gonets terminals will be manufactured of domestic components
Gonets terminals will be manufactured of domestic components

Subscriber terminals of the Gonets low-orbit satellite system will be manufactured of the domestic components. This became one of the main issues of discussion during the visit of representatives of  JSC "Satellite System "Gonets"' (part of the State Corporation "Roscosmos") management in JSC "Omsk Research Institute of Instrument Engineering" (ONIIP), which is part of the holding company "Roselectronics" (Rostec State Corporation).


The heads of JSC ONIIP noted great progress in the development of the Gonets satellite system, including an increase in the orbital grouping, the opening of new regional gateways, the development of digital services in the form of "boxed solutions" for consumers in various industries. As part of the cooperation, ONIIP OJSC announced its readiness to carry out a full range of work on the development and creation of subscriber terminals and antenna-feeder devices for both current and prospective Gonets equipment product lines. At the same time, the company confirmed the possibility of joint participation in the implementation of the Sphere project.

Pavel Cherenkov, General Director of JSC "Satellite System "Gonets": "For us as a satellite operator, it is extremely important to be confident of the subscriber equipment suppliers, because it is the most important part of both the satellite network and the customer services. In this regard, cooperation with JSC Omsk Research Institute of Instrument Engineering will help us to build a supply chain in conditions of not just import substitution, but, one might say, import termination. The use of exclusively domestic element base in prospective satellite devices will ensure reliable technological sovereignty thanks to complete independence from foreign supplies of radio-electronic components. And, of course, this will serve to aggregate forces and funds for the development of domestic industry, which is extremely important now."

As a small pilot project, representatives of the organizations agreed to carry out import substitution of the hull of the Gonets ship station, which has been actively used on domestic fishing vessels as a satellite monitoring tool for several years.

Vladimir Berezovsky, General Director of the Omsk Research Institute of Instrument Engineering: "The use of domestic components is fundamentally important in such critical industries as rocket and space. The samples of ECB and equipment developed by our specialists have all the necessary technical characteristics that make it possible to ensure stable operation of the equipment in various operating conditions."

JSC Gonets Satellite System is the sole operator of the Roscosmos State Corporation for communication, broadcasting and relay systems. The company is the operator of a Multifunctional personal satellite communication system "Gonets". It comprises an orbital grouping of 12 low-orbit spacecraft Gonets-M and ground infrastructure located on the territory of Russia. In the segment of space relaying, the company is the operator of the Multifunctional Space Relay System "Loutch". The orbital grouping of the system consists of 3 geostationary spacecraft of the Luch-5 series, the ground infrastructure is located on the territory of Russia. 

JSC "Omsk Scientific Research Institute of Instrument Engineering" is among the largest enterprises in the country engaged in the development and production of electronic products. Most of the products created today are complex hardware and software complexes with unique software. The use of software-defined radio technologies provides the possibility of unlimited modernization of communication products and complexes during their operation.

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