Sole operator of ROSCOSMOS State Space Corporation for communication and relaying satellite systems

Satellite operator Gonets took part in the Sphere Congress

Satellite operator Gonets took part in the Sphere Congress
Satellite operator Gonets took part in the Sphere Congress

JSC "Satellite System "Gonets" (part of the State Corporation "Roscosmos") took part in the XVI International Navigation Forum and the III Congress "Sphere", which were held on April 13, 2023 during the Russian Week of High Technologies in Moscow.

The official opening of the congress was attended by Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation - Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Denis Manturov, Director General of the State Corporation Roscosmos Yuri Borisov and First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Economic Policy Denis Kravchenko. Within the framework of the congress, representatives of leading domestic enterprises of the rocket and space industry made presentations, presented their current and future developments, shared ideas and proposals for the implementation of the Sphere project.

Oleg Himochko, First Deputy General Director of JSC "Gonets Satellite System", made a presentation in the section "Sphere – the basis for the development of space information technologies", where he presented the concept of the development of the operator of the communication segment of the project. As a representative of the sole operator of the Roscosmos State Corporation for satellite communication and retransmission systems, he spoke about the systems available and being developed within the scope of the Sphere project, their purposes and functional features. He noted that during the implementation of the Sphere project, operator activity should be organized in the form of an open ecosystem, which will provide the opportunity to create more complex services using the resources of various space systems. Moreover, such services should be optimal both in terms of technical implementation and their cost for end users.

At the congress, the satellite operator "Gonets" also presented its subscriber equipment, which allows transmitting data from anywhere on Earth using the communication channels of the satellite system "Gonets", told about the existing digital services working with its application. Representatives of the Gonets company also took part in a round table on the topic of small spacecrafts (CubeSats) and discussed with colleagues their role in the modern realities of the space industry.

The Sphere Congress is held annually and brings together events related to the implementation of the federal project for the integrated development of space information technologies Sphere, the development of Russian satellite communication and navigation systems and Earth remote sensing systems.

Equipment of the Gonets system at the Sphere Congress

A.V. Bloshenko, D.V. Manturov and Yu.I. Borisov on the exhibition tour

Plenary discussion of the Congress "Sphere"

O.L. Himochko's report at the Sphere Congress

O.L. Himochko's report