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System "Gonets" helped to return deers in the herd

System "Gonets" helped to return deers in the herd
System "Gonets" helped to return deers in the herd
«Gonets» system

Satellite system "Gonets" helped not to lose in the tundra the female reindeer named Tamuna with a fawn, who recently returned safely to the fold. This was made possible thanks to the satellite monitoring system, "Space reindeer", which was tested in the Nenets Autonomous district from January of the current year. Then on 13 deer from the farm "Nenets agro-industrial company" was equipped with special collars with built-in terminals for mobile satellite communications "Gonets". The device passed offline location data of animals which were promptly displayed on the map in the form of tracks with timestamps, allowing the herders to monitor the movement of deer.

In the spring of vazhenka Tameika installed collar "Gonets" behind the main herd of about 50 km that occurred after the birth of her fawn. On the advice of experienced elders, reindeer herders, it was decided to wait for the independent return DOE to the herd, what it should encourage a natural instinct. At the same time, its ' movement throughout the period of being outside of the herd were monitored via the satellite collar of the "Gonets". It defended the herding economy from the possible loss of stragglers deer, if they finally lost.

Industry experts noted that the introduction of satellite tracking on the basis of the system "Gonets" will allow to reduce losses of livestock deer at least twice and to avoid their movement on the "vacationers" pastures, which is important for compliance with the alternation of grazing. Overall, this will provide additional products of reindeer herding in the 17%.

Photo: Sergey Gorshkov