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System "Gonets" will provide a link for "Sea expedition"

System "Gonets" will provide a link for "Sea expedition"
System "Gonets" will provide a link for "Sea expedition"
«Gonets» system

June 17 from town. In Kandalaksha, Naryan-Mar started the "Arctic expedition", the route of which will be held in four Northern seas. JSC "Satellite system "Messenger" as a partner of the expedition and provided a ship station "Messenger", which will be used to transmit information about the location of the yacht "seal", as well as a personalized touch on it.

According to the plan of the expedition yacht, specially prepared for sailing in the Arctic zone, must pass through the waters of White, Barents, Pechora and Kara seas. The captain of the "Nerpa" - Yuri Lebedev – build it yourself for 10 years, embodying the design of the various technical solutions that increase the survivability of the vessel in the harsh conditions of the North, including reinforced body ovate, force elements, preventing the compression of the ice, and others.

On Board are a crew and a group of scientists who will perform a number of tasks in the field of ornithology, improve the system of interaction, communication and information exchange by rescue services, ministries, and agencies involved in search and rescue of people at sea in the Arctic zone of Russia, as well as historical and topological studies, including the search space of flooding in the course of the war in 1942, the barge "Lighter W" and tug Komiles. The expedition is under the control of the Ministry of emergencies and with the permission of the administration of the Northern sea route.

The construction of orbital satellite system Gonets allows ship station, installed on "Seal" to work on any latitude and longitude and allows you to track its location at any point in automatic mode. Antenna "Messenger" is installed on the mast of a yacht, the length of which is about 8 m. in Addition, the use of the station allows you to share text with the crew and, if necessary, alarming messages. Also the interaction with another partner of the expedition "SCANEX", which executes the application tasks for the provision of geoinformation services.

JSC "Satellite system "Gonets" wishes of the expedition of the decision of all tasks and a safe return!

Motor sailing yacht "seal". Preparing to put to sea.