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"Gonets" system works reliably in the Southern Hemisphere

"Gonets" system works reliably in the Southern Hemisphere
"Gonets" system works reliably in the Southern Hemisphere
«Gonets» system

Satellite System “Gonets” has been successfully handling the task of monitoring Rosribolovstvo’s training sailing vessels “Kruzenshtern”, “Pallada” and “Sedov” – participants of the round-the-globe expedition “Sails of Peace”. Vessel satellite stations “Gonets” installed on the ships are transferring the vessels positioning data to Сenter of fishery monitoring and communication (CFMC) where any wisher can see the vessels tracks on an interactive map. The monitoring is carried out in near real-time.

The situation about coronavirus infection added its corrections to the sailors’ schedule and the expedition sailboats “Pallada” and “Kruzenshtern” have finished their routes some earlier the planned times. Instead of this year’s November they moored to the native shores in June. As for “Sedov”, it continues the round-the-globe sailing which is to be finished for it in December.

Pavel Cherenkov, CEO of JSC “Satellite System “Gonets”: ‘Most of the expedition routes have been successfully completed. A significant part of them passed through the Southern Hemisphere. The fact is very important to us as the operator of the “Gonets” system that the positioning data is being fully and promptly transmitted from the furthest away off the native shores places to the monitoring centers. It proves the system capabilities as a truly global and suitable for use on all ships for the purposes of monitoring and data transmitting. And transferring positioning is not just a track on a map but a capability to provide aid if needed.”

You can view the routes of the vessels "Sedov", " Pallada "and" Krusenstern " on the CSMS map portal, setting the desired period.