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System "Gonets" is used in the system "Tral"

System "Gonets" is used in the system "Tral"
System "Gonets" is used in the system "Tral"
«Gonets» system
Satellite system "Gonets" will be involved in the monitoring activities of fishing vessels "Tral", created by order of the Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation, JSC "RCC". The system under development, involves monitoring equipment of the vessel, directly used in the process of fishing. It is expected that the system "Tral" will improve the level of combating illegal fishery resources. In the advanced system channels "Messenger" will perform the function of data transfer control in the monitoring centers of the Agency, the GLONASS system to perform the task of determining the location of the vessel. Source: News
Photo: Anatoly Strunin/TASS