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JSC "Satellite system "Gonets" allocated new frequency bands

JSC "Satellite system "Gonets" allocated new frequency bands
JSC "Satellite system "Gonets" allocated new frequency bands

The decision of the State Commission for radio frequencies (SCRF) of 7 November 2016 of JSC "Satellite system "Gonets" allocated new frequency bands.

In particular, for use on-Board (space) and ground-based radio-electronic means (RECs) global multifunctional system for personal satellite communication (GMPCS) "Gonets-Д1М1" allocated the following bands:

1668-1675 MHz (Earth-to-space) and 1518-1525 MHz (space-to-Earth) for subscriber channels on the SPACECRAFT "Messenger-M1" and the subscriber earth stations, and 5150-5250 MHz (Earth-to-space) and 6700-7075 MHz (space-to-Earth) for the main channels of the transponders on the SPACECRAFT "Messenger-M1" and earth stations of the pairing, hosted in Moscow, Zheleznogorsk, Tiksi and Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

In order to use by means of promising non-geostationary satellite communication system NASS "Messenger WEB" along with previously allocated for company fixed the following bands:

27500-29100 MHz, 29500-30000 MHz (Earth-to-space) and 17700-18600 MHz, 18800-20200 MHz (space-to-Earth) for the onboard relay complex SADKO-WEB SPACECRAFT and earth stations of a pair, located on the territory of the Russian Federation.

The advanced Leo systems created by the order of GK "Rosatom" allocated frequency bands in the ranges of L, C, Ki, Ka, will reduce weight and size characteristics of the subscriber side devices and, primarily, antennas and increase the data transfer rate at the subscriber and trunk channels.