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Loutch MSRS at the launch of the "Soyuz MS-07"

Loutch MSRS at the launch of the "Soyuz MS-07"
Loutch MSRS at the launch of the "Soyuz MS-07"

MSRS "Loutch" successfully completed the complex task at the launch of the transport manned spacecraft (TMS) "Soyuz MS-07". The system provided the transfer of telemetry information (TMI) and Internet access to individuals that attended the launch of the lauch vehicle (LV) "Soyuz – FG" with the TMS and its crew on Board at the Baikonur cosmodrome.

LV "Soyuz – FG" with TMS "Soyuz MS-07" with the members of the expedition crew ISS-54/55 – by cosmonaut Roskosmos Anton shkaplerov, NASA astronauts Scott Tingle and JAXA Norishige Kanai on Board was successfully launched on December 17 at 10:21 MSK from the platform №1 of Baikonur cosmodrome.

Since the separation of the "Union" prior to its docking with the ISS there were successfully held seventeen sessions relay. In performing the responsible task of ensuring the transfer of TMI with TMS "Soyuz MS-07" the spacecrafts "Loutch-5A" and "Loutch-5B" were engaged.

In turn, the relay channel of the spacecraft "Loutch-5B" were used to provide access to the Internet by persons who were present at the launch of manned spacecraft. To this end, a platform 18 (Measuring point 1) of the Baikonur cosmodrome specialists of the branch of the FSUE TsENKI – Space center "South" was deployed subscriber, the mobile station zsss-L 01 with a manual guidance system, given to them by our company and residing at the launch site as a backup means of communication. Because of this, people who attended the launch, including the media, could quickly, use the Internet. To cover square were used repeaters Wi-Fi, which formed a mesh network to access subscribers.

Docking TMS "Soyuz MS-07" with the ISS (Source: Roskosmos)