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«Loutch» provides for «Challenge»

«Loutch» provides for «Challenge»
«Loutch» provides for «Challenge»
«Luch» system

The multifunctional space relay system "Loutch" successfully provides a broadband communication channel with the Russian segment of the International Space Station (RS ISS), where the filming of the feature film "The Challenge" is taking place. More than 10 relay sessions with the RS ISS are conducted daily, lasting about 30 minutes each. This allows the crew of the ISS-66 mission, consisting of cosmonaut Anton Shkaplerov and participants in the space flight - film director Klim Shipenko and actress Yulia Peresild, to be in stable voice and video communication with the Earth and exchange various information, including that used in the creation of the world's first "orbital" motion picture.

The organization of the broadband channel with the RS ISS involves all 3 spacecraft of the relay of the MSRS "Loutch" (operator JSC "Satellite System "Gonets", part of the State Corporation "ROSCOSMOS") - "Loutch-5A", "Loutch-5B", "Loutch-5V", the onboard equipment installed on the ISS, the ground infrastructure. The use of a domestic relay system allows it to organize broadband communication channels with the RS ISS without the involvement of the American TDRSS system.  The work with the crew of the unique ISS-66 film mission will continue further in accordance with the established schedule.

ISS-66 crew members (Photo: Roscosmos)

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