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The "Gonets" company has developed a complex for monitoring of power lines

The "Gonets" company has developed a complex for monitoring of power lines
The "Gonets" company has developed a complex for monitoring of power lines

"Satellite system "Gonets" JSC (part of the State Corporation "Roscosmos" ) together with "System" LLC has developed a software and hardware complex for monitoring high-voltage power transmission lines "Gonets-Impulse".

The complex includes a satellite terminal, a group of sensors, a control computer and a solar panel.

The presented service is a new solution for business. It is one of "boxed" solutions developed by "Gonets" in the context of its participation in the digitalization of the Russian economy.

The solutions are adapted to the climatic and geographical features of our country and allow using of subscriber terminals at temperatures from -50 to +50 ° C.

With the help of "Gonets-Impulse", continuous monitoring, data recording, primary data processing and session transfer of accumulated data to the customer's server are carried out. Among other indicators, the complex automatically transmits data of electricity from remote locations, which significantly improves its accounting.

The complex is equipped with built-in battery charge control, a load management program and is non-volatile. Depending on situations designated by the customer as emergency or requiring immediate notification, the minicomputer initiates an emergency transmission of information to the satellite modem for the fastest data transfer to the customer's server in the nearest satellite communication window.

The complex can be entirely or partially reprogrammed by transferring the control package from the customer's server to the platform's minicomputer via the "Gonets" satellite channel.

The platform is capable of processing and transmitting data from a variety of sensors: a short circuit sensor, a video camera, a thermal imager, a laser and electronic digital thermometer, an angle sensor of the electrical tower, a wind speed and direction sensor, etc.

Ilya Storozhev, Technical Director of "Impulse" LLC:

"Our company, together with "Satellite System "Gonets" JSC, has created a universal complex that is designed for the rapid collection and transmission of data on the state of power grids and pipelines. With its help, it is possible to transmit real, rather than calculated data about events and/or processes occurring at power lines and other electric grid facilities via the "Gonets" satellite data channel. In case of emergency, a message is automatically sent to the mobile app of the emergency brigade with specific coordinates of the network section. The complex has been successfully tested, patented in Russia and brought to the Russian market. We are looking forward to further cooperation with the satellite operator "Gonets" in the development of Russian digital services."

Pavel Cherenkov, General Director of "Gonets Satellite System" JSC:

"Roscosmos is not only rockets, satellites and astronauts. The state corporation's enterprises actively participate in various spheres of the socio-economic life of the country, introducing space technologies into everyday activities. The "Gonets" Company, the operator of the low-orbit satellite communication system, has experience in implementing new digital solutions based on satellite services. Roscosmos solutions are for business and for people."