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Gonets took part in the Space Integration Forum

Gonets took part in the Space Integration Forum
Gonets took part in the Space Integration Forum
«Gonets» system

JSC "Satellite System "Gonets" (part of the State Corporation "Roscosmos") presented the results of its work in recent years and satellite services developed in the company at the International Business Forum "Space Integration", in the session "Use of ground-based space infrastructure remote sensing, satellite groupings and digital technologies in the interests of socio-economic development of the EAEU countries". The event was held on November 15 with the participation of representatives of the State Corporation "Roscosmos" and a wide range of organizations in the space sector.

Maxim Diordiev, Director for the Development, Application and Promotion of Satellite Systems of the Gonets Satellite System JSC, said in his report that currently the infrastructure of the Gonets system includes 18 Gonets-M spacecrafts and 7 regional stations. He noted that more than half of the space and ground infrastructure has been created in the last few years, and over the 26 years of the existence of JSC Gonets Satellite System, these are record figures that will allow us to serve subscribers at the highest level. At the same time, he stressed that Gonets remains the only domestic low-orbit satellite communication system for civil purposes, which has practically no analogues for many users after the departure of Globalstar.

JSC "Satellite system "Gonets" is actively working on the development of product lines. In particular, over the past three years, more than 30 services and services have been created, most of which are presented in the form of boxed solutions. These include a number of integration projects where Gonets terminals are connected directly to industry equipment and software solutions. A striking example of the introduction of the Gonets system services into an entire branch of the Russian economy is the interaction of the Gonets Satellite System JSC and the Rosrybolovstvo Center for Fisheries and Communications Monitoring System. For 6 years of cooperation, Gonets ship stations have re-equipped a significant part of Russian fishing vessels, which use them as technical means of control for transmitting location data to the industry monitoring system of Rosrybolovstvo. Currently, large-scale projects are in the final stage of readiness to transmit data from the electronic fishing log and daily ship reports via the Gonets satellite system. The proven effectiveness of using the Gonets system on fishing vessels and the difficulties in servicing vessels by foreign satellite operators necessitate the use of the Gonets system as a priority means of transmitting data on the activities of domestic fishing vessels.

Maxim Diordiev noted that JSC "Gonets Satellite System" is actively developing a line of subscriber terminals and antenna devices. The antennas used are constantly being upgraded. In particular, the latest modification of the ship's antenna "Gonets" acquired a special pressure equalization valve to prevent atmospheric air from getting inside. The company has also started testing the ship's satellite station for small vessels. Such a device is very much in demand on the market in the segment of owners of small vessels for various purposes.

The final part of Maxim Diordiev's report was devoted to digital products and solutions of JSC "Gonets Satellite System". In particular, the operator is working on improving the mobile application "Gonets-Connect", which introduces the possibility of transmitting voice messages via satellite terminals "Gonets". The subscriber service "Gonets-Client" was further developed, in which a new billing core will be implemented by the end of the year. The software for data transmission of the electronic fishing log is undergoing final tests. It will allow the captains to send data on the fishing activity of the vessel via the satellite channel "Gonets" directly from the ship's computer.

The participants of the session expressed interest in the presented report and expressed their wishes to the Roscosmos State Corporation to carry out activities aimed at obtaining permits for the export of Gonets subscriber equipment outside the Russian Federation and its use in the EAEU countries in which such services are extremely in demand.