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"Gonets" presented satellite services at Gas Forum

"Gonets" presented satellite services at Gas Forum
"Gonets" presented satellite services at Gas Forum

Satellite solutions can significantly reduce the costs of maintenance and monitoring of gas production facilities. Domestic products that solve such problems with the help of the Russian satellite system "Gonets" were presented at the conference "Import saving in the oil and gas industry: IT, equipment and new technologies". The event was held on November 1 as part of the St. Petersburg International Gas Forum. The presentation on this topic was presented by Alexander Grisenko, the head of the digital transformation direction of the Gonets Satellite System JSC (part of the Roscosmos State Corporation).

The "GONETS-TSK" complex is designed to detect and control the corrosion rate of pipelines. Due to the regular transmission of data via satellite, it allows you to significantly reduce the cost of performing regular inspections of gas infrastructure. The solution also allows you to prevent emergencies related to corrosion of pipes and load-bearing elements in advance.

The "GONETS-ECOLOGIST" solution is used to monitor the level of liquids in storage facilities by transmitting indicators via the Gonets satellite channel. The advantage of the solution lies in the fact that it is possible to monitor objects from the most remote places where ground communication facilities are not available. It is possible to prevent spills of substances that can cause significant environmental harm if timely detection of leakage is not provided.

The "GONETS- CEDAR" hardware and software complex is used on special equipment. It can be used to receive and process data from various mobile and stationary industry facilities. This allows you to monitor their current condition, optimize maintenance and repair, and promptly respond to emergency situations.

The satellite equipment of the Gonets system is compact, the antenna does not require pointing at the signal of the spacecraft. Terminals work confidently under the crowns of trees and in all weather conditions.

Traditionally, the conference was attended by representatives of the administration, subsidiaries and organizations of PJSC Gazprom, engineering and research centers, developers and manufacturers of innovative and high-tech products. The presented solutions based on the Gonets system were noted as relevant, since Gonets is a completely domestic system that provides data transmission services coverage of the entire territory of the Russian Federation, including adjacent water areas.