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Dmitry Rogozin about the new system "Gonets-2"

Dmitry Rogozin about the new system "Gonets-2"
Dmitry Rogozin about the new system "Gonets-2"

TASS information agency reports June 7 at The St. Petersburg International Economic Forum the General Director of Roscosmos State Corporation Dmitry Rogozin in the course of communication with journalists told about prospects of the deployment of future low-orbit system “Gonets-2” for serving Internet of Things and its communications capabilities for monitoring of assets in Russia's regions.

In particular, Dmitry Rogozin said, “We are deploying a new constellation orbital “Gonets-2”. It will be Internet of Things. It is a system, able to rapidly transmit information from ground sensors”.

Dmitry Rogozin at the SPIEF-2019. TASS photo

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