Sole operator of ROSCOSMOS State Space Corporation for communication and relaying satellite systems

JSC "Satellite System Gonets" took part in "MAKS-2021"

JSC "Satellite System Gonets" took part in "MAKS-2021"
JSC "Satellite System Gonets" took part in "MAKS-2021"

JSC "Satellite System Gonets" (part of the State Corporation" Roscosmos ") took part in the International Aviation and Space Salon "MAKS-2021",  which was held in Zhukovsky, Moscow Region from 20 to 25 July. The company's stand was part of the joint exposition of the Roscosmos State Corporation and organizations of the rocket and space industry.

At the satellite operator's exposition were presented serial samples of subscriber equipment of the "Gonets" system, such as the 'Gonets ship station" and the "Gonets mobile terminal",  as well as  devices under development, incl. "Navigational seal", "Gonets-backpack", "Gonets-rescuer" and others. During the 6 days of the exhibition, hundreds of visitors visited the stand.

An important event at the last MAKS-2021 was the signing on July 20 of a trilateral memorandum of cooperation between JSC " Satellite System "Gonets"   JSC "Glavkosmos? and JSC "National Company Kazakhstan Gharysh Sapary" (successor from August 2007 to the National company "Kazkosmos").


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