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Circular Messaging

Circular Messaging
Circular Messaging
To Subscriber Groups
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The mobile satellite communication «Gonets» can be used to transmit circular messages to groups of users. The service is in place  when it is necessary to inform a group of subscribers, scattered over the terrain both land and water, especially in remote and inaccessible areas.

A circular message addressed to a group of subsribers can be generated by user both directly from a «Gonets» subscriber terminal or via web-applications "Gonets" connected to Internet.

The circular message is sent to one of the «Gonets» regional gateways, then to one of the satellites in the system constellation, which transmits it to the predefined group. The diameter of one «Gonets» satellite coverage area is up to 5000 km, which allows you to send a broadcast message to subscribers including whose at a large distance (hundreds km) from each other.

The service can be successfully used to alert various groups of users, such as work teams and groups, fleets of ships, car parks, remote settlements, etc. Information such as weather reports, alerts, routes, other service and personal information can be transmitted.

In work, users use the service web-portal «Gonets» and the application for personal use by subscribers.

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