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GLONASS/GPS Positiong Transmission

GLONASS/GPS Positiong Transmission
GLONASS/GPS Positiong Transmission
Global positioning
Satellite+ GSM

The «Gonets» satellite system is capable of transmitting GLONASS/GPS data from anywhere on the map of Russia and the world, making it possible to track the movement of various mobile assets.

The coverage of Gonets communication services is global, and the system is capable of transmitting GLONASS/GPS monitoring data regardless of the latitude and longitude of the asset, including the circumpolar and polar regions of both hemispheres.

It is important that communication is provided on any type of terrain, including mountainous and crossed, and the mass-size characteristics of «Gonets» terminals allow them to be installed on various mobile assets.

Positioning and time data (PTD) of GLONASS and GPS systems are received by the «Gonets» terminal, which has a built-in navigation receiver. Via the «Gonets» satellite channel, PTD is sent to the regional «Gonets» gateway, and further transmitted to the Internet where become available to remote users.
If the mobile object is in the coverage area of a terrestrial GSM network, the transmission of the PTD is performed through the GSM channel that is available in any «Gonets» terminal.

GLONASS/GPS monitoring of with the «Gonets» system is available for cars, wagons, ships, drifting buoys, etc. The assets location data are transmitted as a track with locations on the map, and time stamps.

The user uses the service web-portal «Gonets», tracking the position of one's remote mobile assets.
If necessary, positioning data can be transferred directly to the user's ip-address.

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