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The satellite system «Gonets» is used on various types of vessels for monitoring fishing fleets.

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«Gonets» terminals installed on fishing vessels are capable of transmitting GLONASS/GPS data indicating the positions of fishing vessels with the required periodicity, as well as the data of the electronic fishing report in the required format.
In addition, there is the option of sending text messages to e-mail addresses of the Internet, as well as to subscribers of mobile operators, facilitating personal communication between the crew of a vessel and the shore. It is also possible to send SOS signals via (distress button).

The fishing fleet monitoring data is transferred to one the «Gonets» system gateways, where it is transferred via the Internet to the regional branches of the Center of Fishery Monitoring System and Communications (CMSC).
Communication via «Gonets» terminals can be carried out both with the shore, and between the ships of fleet. The vessel Earth terminal «Gonets» is included in the list of equipment allowed for use by Russia's Federal Fisheries Agency for monitoring fishery fleet vessels.

Fishery vessel «Udria» with a vessel Earth terminal «Gonets» installed. Kaliningrad city.

Monitoring of fishing fleets with the «Gonets» system has several advantages:
  • The «Gonets» system has a global coverage including the northern latitudes;
  • Communication with the use of «Gonets» terminals is possible when rolling ;
  • Combined GLONASS/GPS navigation receivers are used, which increases the accuracy and reliability of the received positioning-time data;
  • One terminal can manage 4 tasks in a complex way: positioning-time provision, data transfer for the electronic fishery report, personal messaging, sending of distress messages;

Information for the owners of ships:

For buying vessel Earth terminals «Gonets» for equipping fishery vessels, please contact the authorized dealer of JSC «Satellite system «Gonets» – FGBU «Center of Fishery Monitoring System and Communications».

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