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Relaying Earth Observation Data

Relaying Earth Observation Data
Relaying Earth Observation Data
Russian space relaying on geostationary orbit

Space relaying on the basis of MSRS «Loutch» makes it possible to optimize the delivery of Earth remote sensing (ERS) imagery received from ERS equipment to ground-based planning and retransmission facilities (GPRF). In cases where there are no broadband Internet channels in the locations of GPRF, the use of MSRS «Loutch» relay channels drastically speeds up the delivery of Earth remote sensing images to the Research Center for Earth Operative Monitoring (RC EOM), providing channels with a bitrate up to 50 Mbps for remote GPRFs.

As a promising direction, it is envisaged to use MSRS «Loutch» for direct relaying of remote sensing data from ERS satellites, for which it is planned to install MSRS «Loutch» equipment on ERS satellites. Such an approach will allow to a large extent optimize the use of the Russian orbit group of Earth remote satellites, as the data will be promptly delivered to the ground, releasing the resource of Earth remote sensing spacecraft and increasing the return of their work in orbit.

The presence of two-way relay channels in the MSRS «Loutch» allows also to provide remote users with operational information of remote sensing, relaying it from the base GPRF to remote users interested in receiving remote sensing images.

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