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Three new "Gonets-M" satellites put into operation

Three new "Gonets-M" satellites put into operation
Three new "Gonets-M" satellites put into operation

Three low-orbit spacecraft "Gonets-M" (operator - JSC "Satellite System "Gonets", part of the State Corporation "Roscosmos"), which were launched on October 22, 2022 from the Vostochny cosmodrome, have been successfully put into operation. The operator has completed the necessary complex of works on testing the onboard systems and the payload, which allows the use of satellites for their intended purpose – providing communication channels to mobile and stationary subscribers.

The launch of three Gonets-M satellites (developed by JSC ISS named after M.F. Reshetnev) was carried out within the framework of the Federal Space Program of Russia for 2016-2025, which includes the maintenance of the Gonets satellite communication system in the regular composition of the orbital grouping. At the moment, the total number of spacecraft in it is 18, the system is fully deployed and functional. The successful introduction of three new satellites into the communication system has created an additional communication resource that will be used to provide satellite communication channels to users from various segments.

MSPSS Gonets-D1M includes the orbital grouping of Gonets-M spacecraft and ground infrastructure consisting of 7 regional stations located on the territory of Russia. The main segments of the provision of services are stationary and mobile objects in territories with incomplete or absent coverage of terrestrial communication networks. Services are provided on any type of terrain, including mountainous and wooded, and in all weather conditions.

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