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TracerPro terminals of satellite communication system "Gonets" installed on 13 deer

TracerPro terminals of satellite communication system "Gonets" installed on 13 deer
TracerPro terminals of satellite communication system "Gonets" installed on 13 deer
«Gonets» system

Reindeer "Nenets agro-industrial company" installed 13 "Gonets" Tracer Pro satellite terminals on deer, which can be used to determine the location of the shepherd team or the herd at any time .

According to experts, the introduction of "Gonets" satellite system to track reindeer herds will affect the reduction of losses by at least 50%, which in turn will provide additional production of reindeer (17% of total production). In addition, this system will help determine the location of the shepherd team and the herds, and facilitate searching people and the deer in case of emergency.

In general, the use of satellite collars on Nenets Region farms will allow to timely identify and address violations of deer traffic on adjacent land parcels (violation of boundaries without the consent of land users), to comply with pasture rotation. It is expected that the use of satellite-based monitoring system with "Gonets" satellite system will reduce the loss of half the livestock herders. Currently, the two teams of agro-industrial companies are not far from the village Kotkino. Their exact location is already possible to find out with the help of software that is installed on computers in the company office. The Information is displayed on a web map on the Internet.

If necessary, an operator in Naryan-Mar can quickly identify and report the coordinates of reindeer teams, wherever they are. Satellite system "Gonets" has been working in the absence of any communication means. This type of equipment has been installed in the region for the first time. Earlier "Harp" SEC teams were equipped with similar collars. However, they operate in the GSM standard, which requires terrestrial infrastructure.

Testing the system on the agroindustrial company's reindeer will take a year. After that, a decision on the purchase of an additional satellite collars will be probably made.
As reported in the agro-industrial companies, satellite collars are largely hung on she-deer. At the same time the shepherds choose the reindeer that walk around the edges of the herd, not about the inside.

A deer with "Gonets" TracerPro satellite tracking collar  (Source and photo: Netets Region Government site)