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Satellite system "Gonets" at the exhibition "Navitech-2015"

Satellite system "Gonets" at the exhibition "Navitech-2015"
Satellite system "Gonets" at the exhibition "Navitech-2015"

From 22 to 24 April JSC "Satellite system "Gonets" took part in the 7th international exhibition "Navitech-2015", held in the Central exhibition complex "Expocentre".

At the company's booth, guests were shown a three-dimensional model of the deployed orbital group, consisting currently of 12 spacecraft "Gonets-M". The visitors of the stand could see a promising satellite equipment – new two-mode (satellite+GSM) terminal Messenger-PRO with combined receiving-transmitting tract and new Quadrifilar antenna with a wider beamwidth. When using this set of equipment increases the overall reliability and increases the probability of communication session.

With the capabilities of the satellite system "Gonets" and a brief history on the company's stand met some students of specialized universities, which organized by several groups, visited the exhibition "Navitech-2015".

Оборудование спутниковой системы Гонец.JPG

Equipment satellite system Gonets

Группа студентов на стенде спутниковой системы Гонец.jpg

A group of students at the stand of the satellite system Gonets

Стенд спутниковой системы Гонец на выставке Навитех-2015.JPG

Stand satellite system Gonets to the exhibition Navitech-2015