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Presentation of the ship station "Gonets" for small vessels

Presentation of the ship station "Gonets" for small vessels
Presentation of the ship station "Gonets" for small vessels
«Gonets» system

On September 18 took place a working meeting between and the FBI Center for Fishery Monitoring and Communication (CFMC), where was a presentation of a prospectiv ship station (SS) Gonets for small vessels. The event was attended by Pavel Cherenkov, General Director of JSC "Satellite System "Gonets", Alexei Kuznetsov, Deputy for Operations and technical specialists. The head of the institution Artem Vilkin, his first deputy Maxim Tretyakov, and commercial director Vyacheslav Kulnev were present on behalf of the CFMC.

The promising ship station has a longer autonomous operation (two days instead of six hours) and is more compact, which is important when installed on small vessels. In the course of the ongoing tests, the device shows stable operation in transferring coordinate data to the user portal "Gonets".

It is expected that SS "Gonets" for small vessels will significantly expand the use of domestic satellite communications in monitoring the extraction of biological resources, because can provide the ability to track the fishing activity of small vessels, both at sea and on rivers and lakes. A longer period of autonomy will allow the station to be used on ships that do not have an on-board power supply network, and will make it possible to bring information about their fishing activity to the branches of the CFMC. At the same time, the convenience of operating the stations by fishing vessels crews will increase.

Ship station "Gonets" for small vessels