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"Loutch" provided a manned launch at the Baikonur

"Loutch" provided a manned launch at the Baikonur
"Loutch" provided a manned launch at the Baikonur
«Luch» system

JSC "Satellite system "Gonets" for the third time has successfully provided a link at the Baikonur cosmodrome. This time the company participated in promoting the launch of the transport manned spacecraft (WPK) "Soyuz TMA-20M", the launch of which took place on 19 March at 00:26:42 hours Moscow time. The report launch can be viewed here.

At the observation point (PL. 18) through the "Luch" was organized Wi-Fi Internet access included, have been available to those present at the launch. Unlike conventional Wi-Fi networks operating on a small (20-30 m) distance from the access points, our specialists organize the network to a depth of 10 km, which is extremely important in terms of the extent of the territory of the cosmodrome. Traditionally, media representatives were provided with a dedicated high-speed channel. Because of this, journalists had the opportunity to conduct online translation and online mode to send written and filmed during startup stories in their offices, including in the telecentre "Ostankino".

New ISS crew in orbit will celebrate the 55th anniversary of the first flight into space, Yuri Gagarin, made on 12 April 1961. In honor of this the day before the flight to the space station on the fairing of the rocket were installed the emblem with a portrait of the first cosmonaut.

Запуск ТПК «Союз ТМА-20М»

Start TPK "Soyuz TMA-20M" Photo: