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"Gonets" company introduced a new solution for monitoring weather stations

"Gonets" company introduced a new solution for monitoring weather stations
"Gonets" company introduced a new solution for monitoring weather stations

JSC "Gonets Satellite System" (part of the State Corporation "Roscosmos") has developed a software and hardware complex "Gonets-Hydromet" for transmitting meteorological monitoring data. The complex records meteorological parameters received automatically at unattended weather stations and transmits them via the Gonets satellite channel to the Roshydromet monitoring system. Specialists can remotely monitor weather conditions online and analyze the situation for various time intervals.

The functionality of the complex includes the transmission of weather data in near real-time mode, the connection of sensors, including wireless ones, and autonomous operation in maintenance-free mode. This makes it possible to use it for both terrestrial and hydrological meteorological monitoring objects, regardless of their location.

Pavel Cherenkov, General Director of JSC "Gonets Satellite System": "The enterprises of the Roscosmos State Corporation actively participate in the socio-economic life of the country, introducing space technologies in various fields of activity. The Gonets Company, the operator of the low-orbit satellite communication system of the same name, has vast experience in developing, implementing and operating new digital solutions based on satellite services."

The Gonets satellite system has been successfully used for many years in the Roshydromet meteorological observation network in a number of hydrometeorology and environmental monitoring divisions. The equipment is used for life support at stations, communication by e-mail in order to transmit meteorological information and for backup communication channels.

In order to increase the accuracy of the forecast, modern meteorological observation systems require an increasing number of primary data sources, and the requirements for the efficiency of their delivery to analysis centers are also increasing. It is expected that the number of weather stations on the territory of Russia will increase many times in the medium term, a significant part of them will operate in an automated mode, and the country is undergoing an active technical modernization of the ground-based observation system. By automating the receipt and delivery of meteorological information via satellite channels, the Gonets-Hydromet solution makes it possible to significantly intensify the information flow and increase the accuracy of forecasts.