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"Gonets" met with students of Bauman University

"Gonets" met with students of Bauman University
"Gonets" met with students of Bauman University

Representative of JSC "Satellite system "Gonets" (part of the State Corporation "Roscosmos") met with students of Bauman Moscow State Technical University and spoke about the experience of operating the Gonets satellite communication system and the Luch relay system.

On May 17, 2023, Roman Romanov, Head of the HR and Payroll Management Department of SS Gonets JSC, met with future graduates of Bauman Technical University. Many of the students participating in the meeting already have initial experience in the operation of spacecraft. Since 2006, the university has been operating a unique student Control Center for small spacecraft and a Center for Receiving Earth Remote Sensing data. Specialized classes, laboratory work, and technical workshops are held here for students. Also, from here, satellites are being monitored, which were designed by Baumans and launched in the fall of 2020 from the Plesetsk cosmodrome with the participation of Roscosmos State Corporation enterprises.

At the meeting, Roman presented to the students two systems operated by SS Gonets JSC: the Gonets personal satellite communication system and the Luch space relay system, told about their technical characteristics, functional features and applications. The participants of the meeting discussed with great interest the technical aspects of the operator activities of unique satellite groupings and expressed a desire to apply their knowledge in practice in the future. Following the meeting, Roman invited all interested graduates with a profile specialty to visit the System Management Center of the Gonets company for a more detailed acquaintance with the operator's work.

Roman Romanov at Bauman Technical University