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"Gonets" improved ship antennas

"Gonets" improved ship antennas
"Gonets" improved ship antennas
«Gonets» system

JSC "Satellite system" Gonets "together with CJSC GC "Navigator" developed and successfully tested a new antenna for ship stations "Gonets". The antenna is designed for use on various types of marine vessels, including fishing vessels. The distinctive features of the product are increased tightness and resistance to aggressive environments, an increase in the composition of solid plastic elements, and a decrease in the total number of docking units.

The use of the new antenna as part of the Gonets ship stations will further increase their overall reliability and service life at sea. At the same time, this will reduce the number of required ship calls to ports to perform repairs and maintenance of the Gonets terminals.

The antenna can also be used on land stationary and mobile objects, including various types of transport and special equipment. Convenient mounting on magnets allows you to quickly install it on the surface. The start of serial production and delivery to the dealer network is approximately expected in August of this year.

New "Gonets" satellite ship antenna