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“Gonets” presented "boxed" solutions at the EAEU Business Forum "Space Integration"

“Gonets” presented "boxed" solutions at the EAEU Business Forum "Space Integration"
“Gonets” presented "boxed" solutions at the EAEU Business Forum "Space Integration"

On December 3, 2021, “Gonets” Satellite System JSC took part in the first Business Forum of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) "Space Integration", the main partner - State Corporation "Roscosmos".

The Forum was held at the initiative of the Scientific Council of the Russian Academy of Sciences on Complex Problems of Eurasian Economic Integration, Modernization, Competitiveness and Sustainable Development, the autonomous non-profit organization for the promotion of economic activity of entrepreneurs "Alfa Corporation" and the Eurasian Economic Commission.

Representatives of public and private companies of the EAEU members exchanged their accumulated experience in rocket and space activities, discussed issues of digitalization of the rocket and space industry in the EAEU area, as well as use of the results of space activities in the interests of socio-economic development and prospects for cooperation in the field of fundamental and applied space sciences.

Pavel Cherenkov, General Director of the “Gonets” Satellite System JSC, took part in the round table "The role of digitalization in the development of the most knowledge-intensive industries in the EAEU space", where he spoke about the unique digital solutions developed by the company, which can already be successfully applied at the EAEU sites. In particular, his report presented communication and monitoring services for road and sea transport, which are relevant for transportation of dangerous goods, for working in difficult conditions, as well as on industrial and fishing vessels. Pavel Cherenkov also said that “Gonets” company is testing a new modem that will allow delivering the Era-GLONASS emergency call signal via the "Gonets" satellite communication channels.

Unique digital services "Gonets" make it possible to receive data via secure communication channels of the satellite system from mobile and stationary objects from anywhere on the Earth, are customized to the individual parameters of the customer and can be used in a variety of industries, including:

- for data collection and sensor control in meteorology and hydrology ("Gonets-Hydromet");

- in monitoring of mobile and stationary industrial facilities, gas and oil, mining, and forestry machinery ("Gonets Datasat-pro");

- for current digital monitoring of power grids ("Gonets-Impulse");

- with the purpose of corrosion monitoring of steel pipelines and structures ("Gonets–TSK");

- digital monitoring of the level of liquid media in the petrochemical industry, for various hydrological objects in the agricultural complex ("Gonets–Ecologist").

The EAEU Business Forum "Space Integration" was held for the first time and contributed to strengthening and expanding cooperation between the EAEU member states in the space sphere. Following the results of the Forum, the parties agreed to continue further joint work and establish mutually beneficial cooperation in the rocket and space industry between the EAEU members.

The official opening of the EAEU Forum "Space Integration"

P. Cherenkov's speech at the Forum round table

P. Cherenkov's speech at the Forum round table