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"Gonets" congratulated the winners of the All-Russian contest "My country is my Russia"

"Gonets" congratulated the winners of the All-Russian contest "My country is my Russia"
"Gonets" congratulated the winners of the All-Russian contest "My country is my Russia"

On November 26, JSC "Satellite System "Gonets" (part of the State Corporation "Roscosmos") took part in the video recording of the summing up of the XVIII All–Russian contest "My Country is My Russia" and the award ceremony for the winners.

Maxim Diordiev, Head of the Satellite Systems Application Directorate of the JSC "Satellite System "Gonets", solemnly congratulated the winners of the "Fairy Tales about Space" nomination and told about the planned opening of a new nomination next year.

The finalists of the "Fairy Tales about Space" nomination were awarded with gifts and souvenirs from the satellite operator at the "Artek" International Children's Center in September. The children were also presented with presentation materials that will help them broaden their horizons in the rapidly developing field of satellite mobile communication technologies.

JSC "Satellite System "Gonets" participates as a partner of this competition for the first time. Next year, in addition to participating in the "Fairy Tales about Space" nomination, the company plans to open a new scientific and technical nomination for the development of promising subscriber equipment (ground subscriber terminal) for the Gonets satellite system.

High school students, students of secondary specialized educational institutions and students of technical universities will be able to participate in the new nomination. A substantial monetary reward is planned for the winner as a prize. It will be awarded to a young developer or team whose application will fully comply with the terms of reference. In the future, it is planned that the winner of the nomination will participate in the joint production and serial production of subscriber equipment.

The 18th season of the competition is dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the first manned flight into space by Yuri Gagarin. Its thematic areas were science, technology and space. More than 10 thousand children from all over Russia under the age of 13 presented their fairy tales, drawings and creative works about space in the nomination "Fairy Tales about Space".

The contest "My country is my Russia" is held under the patronage of the President of the Russian Federation and is implemented within the framework of the federal project "Social Elevators for everyone" of the national project "Education". The aim of the competition is to attract young people to solving acute issues of socio-economic development of Russian regions, cities and villages by participating in the development and implementation of projects.

Maxim Diordiev (pictured on the right) congratulates the winners of the nomination "Fairy Tales about Space"