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"Gonets" and the NGO "Scanner" discussed cooperation

"Gonets" and the NGO "Scanner" discussed cooperation
"Gonets" and the NGO "Scanner" discussed cooperation

JSC "Gonets Satellite System" (part of the State Corporation "Roscosmos") discussed the prospects of cooperation with the NGO "Scanner" on the manufacture of ultrasound diagnostic equipment.

On the territory of JSC "Gonets Satellite System", a working meeting was held with NPO "Scanner", the only Russian manufacturer of ultrasound diagnostic equipment, which ranks fourth in terms of sales of ultrasound scanners in Russia in 2021. The company is actively engaged in the development of existing technologies, improving the quality of ultrasound systems currently produced. At the meeting, representatives of the companies discussed issues of possible cooperation in the manufacture of equipment, as well as elements and components for ultrasound scanners based on domestic production.

Due to the import substitution taking place in Russia, equipment manufacturers are actively switching to the use of Russian components and production facilities.  JSC "Gonets Satellite System" is part of the perimeter of public sector companies and in this regard plans to master a new line of activity - the production of Russian equipment for government and commercial customers. In the future, this will allow the company to expand its existing competencies and partially diversify its activities.

Meeting with the NGO "Scanner"