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Barque"Sedov" continues to use ship station "Gonets"

Barque"Sedov" continues to use ship station "Gonets"
Barque"Sedov" continues to use ship station "Gonets"

The Rosrybolovstvo sailing barque "Sedov" returns to its home port from the round-the-world expedition "Sails of the World", which was dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War and the 200th anniversary of the discovery of Antarctica. At the moment, the Sedov is located in the Sea of Japan and is moving to the Kamchatka region. It is equipped with a ship's earth station (SES) "Gonets", which transmits coordinate information about the ship's location to the mapping system of the Center for Fishery Monitoring and Communication System (CFMC).

The Pallada and Krusenstern sailboats, which have already completed their routes, took part in the expedition together with the Sedov. The route of the ships lay to the shores of all six continents, and the ships traveled a total of more than 70 thousand nautical miles. The main mission of the circumnavigation was to demonstrate the capabilities of Russia as one of the leading maritime powers in the world, and to act as an ambassador of Peace, the symbol of which was the white sails of three ships.

"Sedov" is the world's largest sailboat, which is almost 100 years old, it was launched in 1921. In the "Sails of the World" expedition, the ship traveled more than 25 thousand nautical miles on routes in both hemispheres. Its track in real time, received from the SES "Gonets", can be tracked on the interactive portal of Rosribolovstvo.

It is planned that on the way to Kaliningrad, the Sedov will pass along the entire length of the Northern Sea Route and should complete the voyage in December, the last of the three sailboats of the expedition.

Barque "Sedov"