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3 spacecraft "Gonets-M" deployed on the predefined orbit

3 spacecraft "Gonets-M" deployed on the predefined orbit
3 spacecraft "Gonets-M" deployed on the predefined orbit

The orbital group of the Russian Multifunctional system for personal satellite communication and data transmission with the SPACECRAFT (SC) in low earth orbit "Gonets-D1M" was enlarged by three more satellites and now includes 13 spacecraft (12 – "Gonets-M" and 1 – "Gonets-D1").

Group the SPACECRAFT "Gonets-M" was successfully completed on March 31 in 16-47-56 MSK with the help of the carrier rocket "Rokot" and the upper stage "veter-KM" with the State testing cosmodrome Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation (the cosmodrome "Plesetsk") combat calculations Troops aerospace defense.

The launch was performed in accordance with the Federal space program of Russia.

Held launch 3 satellites "Gonets-M" and their subsequent commissioning will significantly improve throughput MSPSS "Gonets-D1M" her custom features, and, above all, will significantly reduce the waiting time of the communication session.

Congratulations to all on a successful launch!