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Environmental Monitoring

Environmental Monitoring
Environmental Monitoring
Environmental Monitoring

The channels of the «Gonets» satellite system are suitable for solving environmental and meteorological monitoring tasks. The «Gonets» terminals with compact satellite antennas do not require tuning to the satellite signal. They can be connected via serial interfaces to weather and environmental monitoring equipment and transmit information both on preset periods or on event occurring (for example, on the water level raising or in case environmental contamination with chemical agents). Working in the unattended mode, the «Gonets» terminals can transmit data from any point, incl. the Arctic region, where communication on the basis of geostationary satellites can be unstable and requires the installation of large parabolic antennas.

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In the sphere of ecological and meteorological monitoring, the «Gonets» system can be used for the following purposes:
  • Flood control;
  • Communication with remote weather stations;
  • Monitoring of remote warehouses and polygons containing hazardous substances;
  • Monitoring of seismic and landslide zones, incl. near transport routes and settlements;
  • Personal communication (messaging) with remote ecologists and meteorologists, incl. stations;
  • Monitoring of position and personal communications on special transport and vessels operating in remote areas.
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